25 Jan 2006


ok now tell me. isnt this wierd?? in our fish tank, there are about 13 goldfish. only recently, i realised that this one only has one eye!! the pictures taken show the 'eyeless' side of the fish ... *shudder!*

zaza at 6:05 pm

6 angels shot me


at January 25, 2006 Blogger chai said...

that's really scary. and why do you have 13 in one tank. want me to call the wwf on you? they will wrestle those things to freedom. well. maybe not that distorted one

at January 25, 2006 Anonymous Saeed said...

13??!! isnt, that, like alot of'em?& u just have goldfish?my old flatmate used to have alot of fish...discus,red tailed sharks,-gosh, i dont even remember their names-& i used to feed them blood worms for him...lol!

at January 26, 2006 Blogger Champ - Love Hound said...

Well, Nature is full of such Wonders. In a Fish tank we see Beauty 'n' Artwork by God but sometimes He draw things alittle differently, just to make us alittle Strong in Faith for Him. *Praise the God*

God bless you....

at January 26, 2006 Blogger wildrose said...

poor goldfish! and u tormenting it further by capturing its missing eye! well i shall inspect the goldfish intently wen i cum ova on sat
until then be gud and happy...hope ur placement is goin smoothly and those kids arent drivin round the bend..lol!
luv nxx

at January 26, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

MAN!! THATS FREAKY!!!!! bechari machli!!!i feel sorry for that thign n yea 13 is a bit too mcuh zab plus lali says u dont even have a fish tank to phir kahan say chori kiya hai??:P

at January 26, 2006 Anonymous zainabee said...

chai: yaar its a big tank!

sa: i used to have all different ones in pak. n why blood worms, wudnt ordinary fish food do de job!?

bc: yep ur right, cant argue.

wildrosey: lol! placement is ok - shall c u on Sat! call me tho.

td: I KNOW ITS FREAKY! the fish tank is big! tel lali tht we got one, donshekno?


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