23 Jan 2006

happy :)

bday was ok - thou we have a major dinner planned for next Sunday.
dad n bro surprized me with a delish choc cake at 12!
cousins called - tankooo lali td ushi.
i was on the train and after they put the fone down - i was grinning
all the way home...
and from the other side, a man was giving me wierd looks a.k.a kanikheeya-fying
or maybe it was all part of the poondi game lol
im busy this week - teaching placement. *sigh*
some kids are so rude - i honestly feel like slapping them.
stupid fools ~ BAAAAAAAAH!

p.s Ush, people with low self-esteem fall in 'love' very easily...that shud answer many questions dontchathink?

zaza at 6:49 pm

4 angels shot me


at January 24, 2006 Blogger Champ - Love Hound said...


at January 25, 2006 Blogger Crazed Teacher said...

bull shi.....mama bullll shi.........

at January 25, 2006 Blogger chai said...

i feel like slapping some kids too. unfortunately they have "rights" and "mothers" and "strength to retaliate" whatever dude. i'm so sick of some of them

at February 01, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

im sorry yara for wishing ya dis much late...bz in xams as u do know it:$
Happy Birthday(F) yara...
best wishes & regards to you:)
talkin abt ur answer...well i dunno what to say...does that answers ma question too?
da one i asked on ma blog??
keep writing & thnx for commenting...keep em coming:)


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