19 Jan 2006


ok so while 3 way msning, some hushed secrets came out of nowhere despite me trying to control the situation in an orderly manner...(yea right!!)
hey, no one can sue me for being a hopeful in the running of ... stuff!
haha...atleast it puts a grin on my face.

and heres a picture of my darling baby bro whos having a blazzt in pakistan. lucky for some! miss you meri taakko bell - !

zaza at 3:01 pm

5 angels shot me


at January 19, 2006 Blogger Crazed Teacher said...

hahahaahahh. jhoot bola

at January 20, 2006 Blogger Champ - Love Hound said...

life, runnin' on....

God bles you....

at January 20, 2006 Blogger Saeed said...

if u cant help it, then its ok for such secrets to come out in d open.as long as u dont feel wierd abt it,its fine.& i really hope u dont feel any wierd.& yes, it was totaly worth it,haina?lol!

at January 20, 2006 Blogger wildrose said...

taha luckin all so yumilicious!

at January 20, 2006 Anonymous zainab said...

mtu: lol!

bc: yup, sure is

sa: lol! ur right.

wildy: temme sth i dont know!


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