11 Mar 2006

inspiration: system of a down

a bit crap but wierd nonetheless...

zaza at 8:21 pm

4 angels shot me


at March 13, 2006 Blogger wildrose said...

wierdly wonderful
colourful and scary..lol!
p.s my parents and arif hav gone on holz!

at March 13, 2006 Blogger Abbas Halai said...

metalhead eh?

at March 14, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont know wat drugs ur on, but i'll take 2 plz,
oooh ur so artistic, creative even.

at March 14, 2006 Anonymous zab said...

rose: ehehe weve spoken on the phone a gazzilion times and thats sth i didnt know!! u didnt tell me!

ah: yeh unfortunately

anon: dunno if ur being sarcastic, but thanks haha


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