22 Mar 2006

more nostalgia

i went to my ex-college today to meet up with a certian H girl. it was so weird - aaah - brought back sooooo much memories. it was like going down memory lane...it was awesome, but i wish i could go back. H, sorry for stuttering :)

other than that, all is OK. a bit worried that first impressions are always the last. and a certian N has forgotten me completely. the person with whom i devised strategies is in my life no more. thats sad but if the person is OK about it then so am i...i think

other than that, BIG MOMMAZ DAY is coming up this sunday and im getting goodies together for mine. how about you? if she is no more, do a special prayer for her.

other than that, im feeling pretty much optimistic about life and really looking forward to something but i cant say what because that would be telling...

zaza at 7:55 pm

2 angels shot me


at March 22, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

ass saalamu alykum
ooo zab this H "girl" misses you too. was soooo nice seeing you masha'Allaah
im waiting for the next meeting with both ash and u !!!
love u loads.. major Aziz Bhattis grandaughter,,,,,,Jazakillah khair for helping me out

at March 24, 2006 Blogger Champ - Love Hound said...

hmm, it \'ll be tellin\'.....

Thankyou for your comment, Zab Dear!

God bless you.....


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