13 Mar 2006

nostalgia by zainab bhatti

memories are
holding battle guns
ready to attack
and open healing wounds
with no turning back

mercilessly they
shoot me in all parts
of my head
fail to leave me alone
till im nearly dead

and theres a wall before me
painted in shades of blue and grey
go away, nostalgia,
please dont stay.

zaza at 2:30 pm

8 angels shot me


at March 13, 2006 Blogger Crazed Teacher said...

no estalgia :) haha phiskewwwwww gone!!

at March 13, 2006 Blogger wildrose said...

sadness is beautiful
loneliness is magical or tragical
shit happens..pick ur self up coz no one else is!
the past is a forein country they do things differently there

at March 13, 2006 Blogger illusion said...

nostalgia kills!

at March 13, 2006 Anonymous nocturnal said...

mercilessly they
shoot me in all parts
of my head
fail to leave me alone
till im nearly dead

above mentioned lines are so unique, i like the way you defined nostalgia, its really nice.

at March 14, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand, the angels come to visit us, and we only know that they are angels once they have gone.
i tend to live in the past because most of my life is there.

at March 14, 2006 Anonymous zab said...

ushi: u lucky thang..mine no gone

wildrose: thats from the backstreet boys song hahah thanks for the advice - helpful!

illusion: ya think? :)

noctural: *bows* than-Q but its nothing compared to ur work!! me salutes you for it.

anon: why dont you start a blog, as anonymous? its cool what you wrote..

at March 16, 2006 Blogger pantshirtshoes said...

you're part of the bhatti clan!

at March 16, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont think i could keep up with a blog of my own, because im too lazy :o|
and i hav lots of fun commenting on urs :o)


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