20 May 2006

fat fatter fattest ... fattestest

upon sending her a recent motu pic of mine:

ﻻﺍﺟﺎ says:
looks like uve got mumps
ﺮﻴﺰﻋ ﺏﻧﻳﺯ {SHAWERAMA} says:
yaar ive gone so fat but i just cant stop eating
ﻻﺍﺟﺎ says:
haww zab
ﻻﺍﺟﺎ says:
stop now

and again, from the same convo

ﻻﺍﺟﺎ says:
wasay the fat suits u but aur moti na hona
(meaning to urdu illiterates: the fat suits you but dont get any fatter)

ive put on weight...ive never been one for dieting. theres food everywhere and i seem to give in to temptations...something must be done bout these emotional problems with food. on top of ballooning all over the place, my hairs going SO frizzy its out of control...

and someone is taking far to long to get rotiyan from the market [ lol ]

zaza at 6:16 pm

3 angels shot me


at May 21, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

lolz it seems that you are too much obsessed with food...even your msn nick contains foody food words:$
aa'pas ki baat hai i just love shawarma:$
temme which one do you like...the chicken one or the beef one:P
oye do something about it...theek hai it might suit ya but aur moti na hona:$
one rotti for me too...pleaseeeeeee:D

at May 22, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

food food glorious food...ahhhh
welcome to the kitchen.

at May 23, 2006 Anonymous murad said...

i hope DP will solve the problem ...LoLz...:)


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