11 May 2006

first driving lesson tday at 3.15pm
20 pounds for 1 hour!! aarggghh!
but i can hardly wait

zaza at 9:04 am

5 angels shot me


at May 11, 2006 Anonymous lals said...

cool yaar, just dont end up banging the car every second day like me :(

at May 11, 2006 Anonymous mavra said...

so how'd it go zabbington?:P

at May 12, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

agrgggghhhh the streets r not safe anymore.
agrgggghhhhhhh agrhhhhhhhhh

at May 12, 2006 Blogger An ILLuS|On said...

well isn't it quite expensive...anyways goodluck for it but be careful:)

at May 12, 2006 Anonymous zab said...

ahaha ujala lol
mavra twas ok have another one tmrw
anon ahah
illusion: yesh its v expencive!! and thanks!


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