7 May 2006

random thoughts

the world is falling apart, and theres nothing we feeble mortals can do about it. take it from me; the world is falling apart. and when im gone, mayhap you will find yourself sitting and wondering what was wrong. but dont worry. because i'll always be there to tell you that YOU NEVER ASKED.
p.s. for those of you undergoing exam stress - GUDLUCK!!

zaza at 10:51 am

3 angels shot me


at May 07, 2006 Anonymous mavra said...

i will so not find myself sitting n wondering aisi baatei
coz i knowS nothing is wRong...haha!

but yeah, the world is deffo falling apart...amen to that...LOL

at May 07, 2006 Blogger An ILLuS|On said...

PS: tellin ya yet again that i'v changed my blog's link(I)

at May 07, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

Destiny is but a phrase of the weak human heart - the dark apology for every error.
The strong and virtuous admit no destiny.
On earth conscience guides,
in heaven God watches.
And destiny is but the phantom we invoke to silence the one and dethrone the other.


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