31 Jul 2006

a bit too random

dark minded fool.
janu, why are you so morbid?
so pessimistic?
pakistani girls arent supposed to be like that.
perfucktionists, arent we all?

zaza at 11:07 am

5 angels shot me


at August 01, 2006 Blogger An ILLuS|On said...

i like this word "perfuckionists"

at August 02, 2006 Blogger Crazed Teacher said...

janu the thing is arent we all a lil bit morbid maybe u got the stronger part in u which is?>

at August 03, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

astagfeeeeerulla, tsc tsc, no swearing ploise.

at August 04, 2006 Anonymous zainab said...

illusion: muahaha thankU! its my own creation :)

motu: why tho!! me no like

anon: hmmmmm yea, so ru perfuckt? :) lololol!

at August 06, 2006 Blogger An ILLuS|On said...

& i really do like it...this word kept on echoing my mind all day:)


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