13 Nov 2006

fun times

ahhhh the fun we had with cousins in pakistan was (and still is!) mad. i remember once we decided to make resolutions and each of us would stick to.

aishe and lali (who have both have a sweet tooth) - no sweet things except fruit
me - 5 times a day namaz (i was told that i didnt pray daily. i became annoyed and i asked lali and aishe to change my resolution but they refused)
td - i cant remember exactly but i think it was something to do with eating
maddu - no bad language (i wont give any examples. lol!)

ofcourse, noone stuck to their resolutions and we all soon forgot about them and aishe lali were back to eating sweets, im sure i prayed more, td and i endulged in feasts and smiled, maddu's tongue unleashed again. i think ushi grew up at the time and became a bit more sophisticated so she didnt associate much with us. ahahah.

ohh yes, another thing out of a zillion others. ive always been the maddest of the bunch. once, td came to our house. dunno where aishe was but it was me, td and maddu. i was obviously older than them (in age, not in mind) and i tricked them into thinking we were scientists and - believe it or not - we went outside and i made them TASTE plants (lol!) zaza the mad scientist. and when i ask td and maddu if they remember this episode - both of them say no, they have no recollection of the plant tasting moment. ahahah. i think it may have effected their memory but i hope they dont sue me.

zaza at 1:42 pm

3 angels shot me


at November 13, 2006 Anonymous mavra said...

oain i wanna have time to remember old times too!

at November 14, 2006 Anonymous Anonymous said...

zab it was actually that i wasnt alowed to have more than three meals a day irony of it is i dont have a proper meal once a day since ive become thin lol except when u guys were here...plus i do remeber the plant eating thingy it was the money plant the smaller one lol n i think maddu does too we were just saving ourselves from some more embarassing titbits form teh past aunty ajmal:P

at November 19, 2006 Blogger Lizzie.... said...

oh I luved reading abt ur fun time:D


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