22 Mar 2007

an eternal fire. a red mist.

its been a while since i posted something morbid. u know, FROGS and FROGGIES and snailies and Nugget dog tailies. noone is 100% faithful to their partners; neither people who engage in the boyfriend-girlfriend culture nor people who follow norms and get married and produce babies like its no big deal. to please people. other people. bastardic bhenchoadic mortals who are weak. theyre all liars. youre the only one? youre my soulmate? my better half? lies lies lies. youre such a psychotic liar liar liar. [no im not and you know it] dont they know they ALL have life partners that they know about but never acknowledge as life partners? death. death is a life partner, for everyone. it doesnt matter how far and fast you run, it always stays close to you. doesnt matter if you dress scantily, or cover yourself from head to toe yet bitch about people. doesnt matter if youre hypo-fucking-critical and have a beard that reaches down to your knees or if you have a cool goatie. coz death lives with you 24 bloody 7 and its such a life partner that whatever it says and whenever it says it, it subdues you and youre exploited. life is just a bloody game consisting of social actors and as soon as you know all the rules, its game over.

zaza at 8:15 pm

2 angels shot me


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1 God not 5


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