30 Mar 2007


Can you please please please
Rip out my heart
Chop it to bits
Cover it in disease
And feed it to the dogs?
Because, simply,
I just want it no more
Of that I’m sure
Having a heart isnt easy
Emotional heart attacks
Are worse than real ones
Real ones lead to death
But after emotional ones
You have to wake up
And find life running through you
That’s worse
Because you’re dead while being alive
Lifeless by having life
And you wish you could end it
End everything fully
Take the journey to hell
Where things might be well
Things aren’t right
I’m scared now
I might lose the fight
Give myself up
shall i just shut the fuck up
and shall i accept defeat
Might just do my thing
And let God take care of the rest.


zaza at 4:44 pm

2 angels shot me


at March 31, 2007 Blogger sohail said...

Never!! accept defeat...

at April 01, 2007 Blogger Lunatic.... said...

You are right!
emotional heartattacks are the worst,after getting them You are forced to continue your life with your broken being.....
and fight till the end be a brave fighter and wen one day you are victorious look above to God and smile....see I hav passed the test :)


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