17 Mar 2007

ive stil got 7 more grapes to eat. dammit. *surrenders* someone please tell me wats going on? *freaks out and nearly collapses* because of global warming, the Sun appears so very close to the Earth. kiyamat ki nishaaniyaan. and soon, the Sun will be so close to the flyer. the flyer who thought such things did not exist will be blinded by optimistic rays emitted by the Sun. the flyer will land on Mars, no doubt. there might even be an earthquake. im not sure about there being gravity in outer space but the gravity between the flyer and Mars will be so strong..so fkin strong that it will take forever to die out and even then it wont die out. Mars looks so dark and gloomy, it wants the flyer to shine upon it. but the flyer is so scared. the flyer might do more than just shining. more than just gazing at the stars and smiling. more than more. Mars and the flyer will be knocked senseless. that, i know. i just know. so the flyer lands and touches the surface of Mars because the depth has already been explored. the depth of Mars has already been touched. shit. man. i need to write a book.

zaza at 1:05 pm

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