18 Mar 2007

making sense.random things.

are humans mortal and dead? are we all seriously blind to reality, or can we really not be bothered opening our 2 beautifully coloured eyes? eyes that are just above our cheeks, under our foreheads. eyes that function fully, yet fail to see. eyes that are the windows to our souls. we have souls within us - shall we just try our best to shut out all the pain and be happy about the fact that we have life running through us? forget about the scars that we were forced to embrace as we took lifes many walks? immersed, longing, yearning. anger has made another departure. shall we let our anger escape, blame other people and accuse them of things that go wrong for us? shall we keep living with what we have, clinging onto little bits of hope that make our lives seem complete? indeed, light years.

so a son and father are sitting by the sea. father holds out a 20p piece and says here son, go get your self some life. but father, since when did life become so cheap. life isnt cheap anymore, its so expencive that i dare not attempt to buy. son why do you say it is expencive. father, you must know surely, have you not lived all these years. did you not create me and bring me to life? no, child, i created you not. you must thank whoever created you. but who did, father, who did. will you tell me? no son, i cannot tell you but i can tell you this much that this sea of life has many fishes and creatures that live, some bite and some dont. you have to be careful. but father, surely you will help me swim in the sea so the sharks dont bite me, or that my limbs get caught up not in seaweed? yes son, i will do what i can and as much as i can but i will not be here forever. i can guide you and suggest and advise but i cannot be here forever. father i fail to understand, whatever do you mean? son when you are wading through the waters and when you get lost in the high tide, i will be watching you and smiling and telling everyone that look, there he is. you might feel like youre drowning but you will always rise above the surface. then when youre my age, you can sit on the shore and gaze at the sea, gaze at the life that you lived, the things that you did, the hearts that you broke, and reflect upon your own broken heart.

so now the father is watching from the shore, smiling. and the son is making his way through the high tides, believing he can. believing he can.

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