20 Mar 2007


Don’t we all carry emotional scars that run so deep within us? Scars that are so deep they cut right through our veins that are laden with deoxygenated blood? Scars that make us blind and we lose our sense of sight? Scars that partially eradicate pain and make us drift off to another world? Scars that live within us and maim our every thought, our every action? Scars that taunt us and haunt us and wont let us be? Scars that heal but never let us go? Scars that make us into mortals with weird qualities that people frown upon? Scars that everyone know about yet turn a blind eye to? Scars that appear to diminish but forever grow? Scars that torture us yet we have to go on because that’s all we’ve ever known? Scars that make us feel ugly and unwanted? Scars that make us into apparent social misfits? Scars that make us feel like we’re losing the fight but we know that there’s always a tomorrow? Scars that make us into homes to sorrow? Scars that seem so bottomless yet no one acknowledges them? Scars that are a part of us everywhere we go? Scars that are always there but never show?

zaza at 12:46 am

4 angels shot me


at March 21, 2007 Blogger An ILLuS|On said...

You've given such a definate description of these scares..the circumstances..the moments..the feelings entwined deep within heart!
All this is so very much true..Yes we do carry emotional scars..yes every word that you've said is true!!
Its such an irony trying your best to get the best outa nothing still you're left by yourself to laugh on yourself..damn these scars!!

at March 21, 2007 Blogger An ILLuS|On said...

Damn these scars which remind ya every now & then about all those moments,memories & dreams which were all nothing but mere hallucinations..nothing but distant dreams..nothing but illusions!!

at March 21, 2007 Anonymous zab said...

write poetry, dammit :)

at April 01, 2007 Blogger Lunatic.... said...

Tats the best defination I ever got for the scars either emotional or physical!
scars which we try to hide but sometimes unintentionally we want them to be noticed.....


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