4 Mar 2007

so real these voices in my head.
hope - gotta cling to it. survive.
ive mutated. ive learnt. ive realised.
hope is in my blood now, within the red blood cells.
hidden away though and sometimes i cant find them.
but i know that theyre there.
and theres no turning back.
hopeful, not hopeless.
its like a brightly shining brand new Sun after all the rainy days.
and may the Sun forever remain.
Inshallah Ameen.

zaza at 12:28 pm

4 angels shot me


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at March 10, 2007 Blogger Lunatic.... said...

Gud to see someone having hope n belief:)


at March 11, 2007 Anonymous zabs said...

thnkU faar de prayars :-)

lunatic, inshallah it will remain#


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