16 Mar 2007

story teller

so this little bitch of a girl, yeah?
you know what she did?
no ofcourse you dont. read on. ill tell you.
she looked around and noone was there
so she built a virtual castle. in her head.
everything so perfect, almost unreal.
the grass in the large gardens was exactly equal in length.
the branches entwined in one another. well formed.
roses circling the castle - roses that never died.
roses that dried and forever acted as homes to love.
dried but never died. nope, never.
leaves that browned but never lost their green.
leaves that lost colour but never died. nope, never.
just one thing. there was no Sun.
so she used to sit in the castle. in the biggest bedroom there ever was.
immacultely decorated, duh. why wouldnt it be?
but there was no Sun.
she went around looking for it.
she looked behind the trees and held a cloud and pushed it away
it began to rain and the Sun could not be seen anywhere.
until one day. things changed. everything turned around.
there were rays streaming in through every window.
and now its like the castle has come to life.
and the Sun is in the palm of her hand, shining upon the lines of her hand.
lines that appear on wrinkled faces, luck lines that are almost minute.
and the Sun became her everything. her life. her existance.
and everything made perfect sense.

zaza at 9:10 pm

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