3 Apr 2007

and he makes another decision.

what good is a heart without a home
what good is a hand with noone to hold
what good are arms with noone to cuddle
what good is an artery when it just wont bleed
what good is a leg with noone to entwine
what good are lips with kisses that linger
what good are eyes with frozen tears
what good is my nose when youre not there for me to smell
what good is a wrist when it just wont slit
what good are ears when you just wont speak
what good are nails that just wont dig
what good are teeth when theres nothing to bite

what good is a passionate fire when it doesnt surround us?
what good is life when youre losing the fight?
what good am i when theres no you?

aur sunao aur sunao.

zaza at 10:41 pm

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