27 Apr 2007

four times the love

people say i can dance
but i bloody know i cant.
would like to dance under the starry skies
in the rain with a bit of rain
and not give a shit,
you know when you just lose yourself
in an instant?

i want you to stay with me
so we can together turn grey
and i want wrinkles to overtake our face
so we can walk around at a really fast pace
like a living disgrace...
[ oh pahleeeeeeeeeeeaase zaza, shut up. ]

oh heres a thing - take a tomato
cut it into four parts
and then look at the seeds of each part
the way theyre arranged and stuff
they look eggzactly liiiike love hearts.
so if theres four hearts in 1 tomato
how much love is present in 40 tomatoes?
tell me, please. limitless love?
my maths is fucking pathetic.
i just about know my 2 times table.
its miss Fareedas fault
she was such a bh*nchoad.

zaza at 3:25 pm

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