16 Apr 2007

keep smiling. keep laughing. keep acting like a maniac.

You’re so frustrated that you feel like making burn marks onto someone’s skin.
You’re so upset that you feel like your soul is being torn apart from within.
You’re so disturbed that your day’s and nights have robbed you of sleep.
You’re so annoyed about things and not being able to overtly literally weep.
You’re so confused about having to drown in a thunderous flood.
You’re so baffled about always having to weep tears of blood.
You’re all clogged up and everything is foggy
Me and you and the cute little doggie

My soul shakes as I make an earth shattering plea.
Everyday, death dawns upon us all
Everyday, we wake up and yawn
Everyday we plan our life ahead
Not knowing when we might end up dead

Mercy, forgiveness, desire, sorrow
Yearning for a better tomorrow
Yearning for a better tomorrow

Dear Lord, have mercy.

zaza at 3:06 pm

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