28 Apr 2007

ok soooooooooooo...not that this post suits my blogistan image, but i made keema alu matar and prawn pasta. i bloody love cooking and doing my own thing. like i havent got ressapeas that i follow, i hate following instructions. ive got secret ingredients and stuff and, as much as i hate to brag, it turns out great 95% of the time.. (yes assholes, i know youre thinking awwh her husband will be so lucky. fuck you. you guys are so lame)

taha - maaaaaaaaaaaaan what a mortal! he gives a new meaning to the word 'cute'..recently, hes started shouting a lot. like he screams OAAAAAAAY on the top of his voice. so what Ama said was that if you scream, blood comes out of your throat ahah its so funny. so after screaming, he lifts his head up and grins and says 'zaza faaf ker do' - faaf as in saaf as in clean.

p.s. tu eres todo, ass.

zaza at 4:33 pm

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at April 28, 2007 Blogger An ILLuS|On said...

that's so uber cool..lol:D
and believe you me after reading the first paragraph for a split that typical thought creeped in my mind but the very next moment it just vanished:$
good hai yara..keep it up:)


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