26 Apr 2007

randomy updatey post

dear assholic mortals who read theee,
can you please start leaving comments on my blog?
noone comments on it dammit!!!!! arrrrrrhhh...
its just so alone, harassed, morbid, agitated, dead.
i guess i should just disable the comments setting.

what else, yo?
2 more exams to go then free till September -
must convince mother to let me get a summer job.
first exam went well
considering how much work id done for it.

and what would you know about sleepless nights?
do you all have aunties who assume things, randomly?
aaaah her madness and disfunctionality!!!!!!
its laughable, yes.
its like eating crisps, only this time your eating soul.
crunch crunch crunch.

ummmmmmmm oh yes i was thinking
wouldnt it be cool to see a racist man fall in love with a brown girl?
i mean seriiiously..i would like to see it happen,
with my own big brown beautiful eyes that have opened up.
the Sun is too bright though.

and hey, ive realised another thing
its okay to hug mother when in a family gathering,
even though a big 'awwwwwwh' might follow it
and this might leave you feeling flustered...
like the *wtf shall i do now* kinda feeling
where do i go
what do i do - panic attack
its ok, its ok. breathe, deep breaths
everything is ok
everything will be ok
you know that, dont you?

sleeping now [ lie ] bahahaha, how fake do i have to be?
alvida, shabbakhair, buenas noches cariƱo, la nuit nocturne, mutt nighte...
goodfuckingnight in random languages.
i hope the bed bugs bite the shit out of you.
mospel lagao, asshole - machar aap seh dur
rehnay phar majboor *giggles*

zaza at 11:37 pm

2 angels shot me


at April 28, 2007 Blogger sohail said...

dear assholic mortal...eh...finally u admit i am dear to you...sho shweet...

i go through ure crazines but prefer not to comment mainly cuz unlike math (which u are bad at)

-ve and -ve dont multiply to positive......

and watch your manners you are a bad girl :(

you have scared away all ure fans who used to comments on the nice stuff u posted( revert back to when you started to blog and was somewhat sane)

dekho beta if u smile and have fun ull have everyone with u ... if u cry and curse then u'll be left with people like me ;) make ure choice... its few of us and rest of them...

at April 28, 2007 Blogger An ILLuS|On said...

yara sometimes i just can't figure out that on what should i be commenting or i start wondering whether i should or i shouldn't be!
still you don't need to disable the comments thingy understand yo?
best of luck for the remaining two papers,don't screw em so that you could enjoy your time afterwards:)


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