24 Apr 2007

sajnaji vari vari jaon jee mai

its such a lame song. dunno why i like it
aisa mera pyar hai
ho ho ho ho ho ho vari vari
i dont even know what the bitch is saying
maybe im lame
maybe im not
maybe you are not intelligent enough
maybe you think you are but youre not
hmmm. maybe youre assuming.
sometimes when you look up at the sky,
the light is so bright, so fucking strong
that it blinds you. and thats me.
thats my Sun. at first i was partial.
fine now, thanks. complete.

*smiles, looks the opposite way*
*prays, earth shatters, justice is done*

dear lord. can you hear me, my dear Lord? :0)

zaza at 10:30 pm

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