15 Apr 2007


im sick. im sick of smiling. im sick of the shit that happens.
im sick of the psychoticfuck that you feed us.
im sick of pretending that everything is fine when its not.
im sick of all the fake people around.
im sick of the way that i am.
im sick of not being able to cry
because i dont want no fucking sympathy.
im sick of being a walking bottle of thoughts.
thoughts that make no fucking sense to anyone, but one.
im sick of me. im sick of being so fucking awkward.
im sick of people who arent intelligent enough to assess me.
im not sick of you and i can never fucking be.
its not my fault. 'you have to follow Natures Law'

'self righteous suicide. i cry. when angels deserve to die' - SystemOfADown.

*listening to Callin u by Outlandish*
i cannot always show it but dont doubt my love.

thoughts. thoughts.
thoughts thoughts.
thoughts thoughts. thoughts.thoughts.
thoughts thoughts.
thoughts that drive you nuts. balls. literally.

have to eat comfort food and get depressed at the size of my stomach yet not give a shit. goodbye world.

zaza at 5:40 pm

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