29 Apr 2007

taha is a ball of skin with liiimbs,
who when talks sounds extremely cute, to say the least.

wats new wats new..ive got a horrible bchoadic cold.
yuck, lets not go into details, unless ofcourse you want to.
in desparate need of TLC -
everytime i go to Mams room, she tells me to go away
coz she says im a bagful of germs *waaaaaaaaaaaainnn*
realised that there aint looking like home cooked dinners.

listening to LIPS OF AN ANGEL by Hinder. awesomeness.
sounds a bit like nickelback.
the fucking video is aaaa hhhhh mannn.
amazing, definately. check it out. heres the link.


p.s. yes, still think JohnMayer is an asshole...

zaza at 3:30 pm

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