17 Apr 2007

when in lahore.

you know. when youre in a really crap zoned out mood (for many of us thats 24/7), get stuck in a traffic jam. its AWESOME i laughed like crazy, loudly, with my mouth wide open not giving a shit about the motorbike wala who was staring at us, not giving a shit about the sick perverted ricksha passenger who blew me a kiss upon which i showed him the finger. it would have been better if we had water to drink but hey it was great. i promise youd have love it. i mean. there were were - TD in her little handmedown maroon car, crunched up in the drivers seat in fear of a collision. saying please, dont crush my little car. and there i was in the passengers seat, re-re-replaying and singing along to John Mayers Dreaming With A Broken Heart at the top of the top of my voice and as horribly as i could so TD would laugh. laughing yet being home to a soul thats already torn to shreds yet being torn further. ha ha. noone has any paitence at all, everyone was stuffing their cars as if going for the gold. beep beep peep peep everywhere. a little kid waiting in car as the hot sun shone above us all. the kid was making stupid faces, the heat probably got to him and drove him bonkers. i waved at him and stuck my tongue out at him and his eyes nearly popped out. lala. a little boy selling sugarcane bits on a filthy little trolley thing - because we were driving so slow, our car was parked exactly opposite him. i stuck out my arms and said 'ley loon?' upon which he smiled and threw me one in the car upon which my cousin flipped at me and said 'yo wtf are you doing?' upon which i smiled because i made the kid smile and thats what matters.

"whatever i am
im way better than
you could
wish of being.
i do not

wish to be
anyone but me, nor do i
aspire to

zaza at 8:10 am

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