12 May 2007

coz when youre dead, youre dead

its raiiiining like crazy right now. blurb. blublublub. we all are bubbles. coz when we pop, theres no going back to being a bubble again. we all are light bulbs but when we burn out, theres no replacement. we all are clocks - coz once the battery runs out, its all over. we all are crystal glasses, filled to the top with alcohol. but once we finish drinking, there aint no refill. we are mobile phones but once we run out of credit, noones ever gonna top us up no matter how much they want. we all are highly expencive microwaves or washing machines - but if we stop working at any unknown time, the guarantee is of no use either. im just shutting up and clinging ever so tightly onto hope that we have laid our lives on. ah, anyway..

the sound of screamin silence is almost deafenin, ear drum rippin.

zaza at 10:29 pm

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