12 May 2007

doing what i do best

sooooo. i was home alone. had to cook spaggetti bolognese for everyone. i love cooking, its just one of those things im passionate about. made breakfast for Ahmad too - cheese omelette, 2 toasts, beans, and waffles...so i was chop chop chopping whilst listening to johnmayer at a rather loud volume, singing along shittily and not caring. there may have been a few tears. maybe i thought they came but they didnt. maybe they came and i refused to accept that they were there. i care. hmm. hate to brag but it turned out awesome. and everyone ate and nobody died. right now im getting high on Vultures by johnmayer. so i must leave before i type something rather random. something more randomly random than random. i miss you. ha, anyways...

zaza at 4:29 pm

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