8 May 2007

from the top of the top of my head

The red shades me and im a living dead mortal. You said smile and walk on instead. Back to bed and back to a world of confusion and bedlam. Feed the fkng duck some bread and forget the life that you once knew and you once led. Youre here, im here too. Hold my hand, lets both feel grand. Who cares if the world can see us? Im falling. I dont know where exactly. Im just falling. Thats all I know. Up to the sky where you are. Rise above from the earth and all the lies, where we used to breathe the same air. Like a tear drop returning to an eye, and i bid goodbye to those around me. And on my way back to you, im getting lost in a crowd of many. Getting lost but getting found again. Youve found me and thank you so much for that. And now that youve found me, I aint going nowhere and you know it. So where are you? Im still waiting for us to claim forever.

zaza at 1:09 pm

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