16 May 2007


you may be hard, but youre lyricly impotent. haha. so today i changed my room around - ive made an area where theres the hi-fi on the floor, with floor cushions and candles. its pretty romanaticka. at first mama was not letting me change stuff round but i told her its my room upon which she told me that it was her house. ahaha that shut me up didnt it. but i changed it anyway - and it looks awesome. like right now, theres a candle burning on the other side. its all very pretty-pretty but i wish you were here tooooooooo. sometime soon hah. i wish time would hurry the fuck up. they say that good things come to those who wait. the morons could have atleast specified a time...arrows hurt me and dishearten.
illness lingers, yet. absobloodylutely. but everything will be okay, i know it and you know it and we know it will be okay. hope yer okay ( :

zaza at 10:38 pm

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