4 May 2007

i survive on the breath you are finished with.
someday i'll fly, someday i'll soar. someday i'll be, so damn much more.
someone please kill JohnMayer. lala lalaaaaaaaaaa lala lala laaalaaaa...

so after Nando-ing on 1/4 chicken (xtra hot) and 2 portions of chippas,
i go thru de desert menu,
look over to my friend, say 'shall we have some toffee cheese cake'
she (looks almost disgusted) shakes head, looks at me, says
'where do you put it all??!!'
me, grinning, says 'i dunno, i just love eating!'
she laughs.

i want nothing more than to hold your hand
and together breathe in the smell of soil after the rain
anticipating humiliation...making another dream...

sleeping now so i can dream.
how will i dream if i dont sleep?

zaza at 7:09 pm

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