1 May 2007

mighty morphin

man. i thought i was so cool. or we thought we were so cool. me aish isaac rooney buko ahmad. we were crrazzzzy about power rangers. i was yellow ranger. its one of those things that you look back at and just cringe..we had fights and stuff, we went down to the cellar and pretended to 'look out for the baddies and kill them'..gawwwd those were the days. you'd be stressing out for missing an episode of power rangers, thinking of how to create new weapons...ahh how mad and droll.. (droll means funny, for those of you who are unaware)

then everyone grew up, i guess, and resorted either to bastardism, narcissism, bitchism, assholeism etc. the list is endless. watever. i know that you know what i mean. and now Taha is really into PowerRangers. zaza wheres power rangers?

zaza at 2:05 pm

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at May 01, 2007 Anonymous sohail said...

i luved the rangers had all the movies the cartoons the games on my 16 bit sega mega drive..and ofcourse all the figures...

i was always the black ranger.. i still have a green ranger figure..he is missing one leg...i broke it!


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