3 May 2007

ok so. yesterday we had a family get together for tahas birthday *yawn, anyone?* when asked how old he was, tako grinned and said 'im Borat!' hahaha, crazy. i told him that Power Rangers would come and wish him happy birthday. they never came. i lied. oh well, not quite. atleast yellow ranger was by his side. and that is i.

im thinking of starting a photo blog, like having a blog and posting just pictures on it, random ones. [ illusions illusions, where art thou illusions? ahaha. and my profile section still needs fixing too ]

i want to get a summer job at McDonalds. maybe i think i want a job, but i dont. maybe noone is intelligent enough to see that. ha-ha. the wind spoke again you know, just as you said it would. it scared me, amongst other things.

my hair needs trimming, pretty pretty desperately. was it just me or did everyone used to think that it makes you cool if your mother trims your hair for you? oh yea, im looking for a pen pal...where shall i get one? listening to Theres Gold in Them Hills by Coldplay. i badly want to be a lyricist. i dont want to get paid, i just want to write songs so they can be sung and heard by the world so people can stop and think, if only for a little while.

ive been eating like a b*strd. must stop before i explode. cant seem to. cant seem to.

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