1 May 2007


lets dance.
cant yet.
ah? how?
ahh, deffo?

a bit better but still sound like
ive swallowed 10 froggies. rubit ones.
nose is all wrinkled and a funny shade of pink.
writing poems. sleeping, or trying to.
lots to do, cant get my head round it.

taha was pressing random keys on the keyboard
i told him to stop and you know what he did?
he wriggled his pea-sized ass at me.
shocked, i started laughing..
hes so cauteeeeee. his urdu is awesomely funny too.

'mama pass ja ru mai'
'jee zaza'
'ne mai nay ne deyni kissy'
'mama, kidar o aap'
'yey khanay mai nay'

nice weather today, sunny but windy.
the wind still talks to me.
it looks yuuuuuummilllllicious...
know what i mean, dont you?

zaza at 10:25 am

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at May 02, 2007 Anonymous lali said...

yea he does that alot shakes hs ass and says wiggle wiggle and then coz he knows hes been naughty he just laughs ,


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