6 May 2007

could it be really me

today i got something that id been dreaming of for years. its not an item, its not something you can hold in your hands, its not something that can be broken, its not something that kills you everytime you think about it, its not something that bothers you and sends you on never ending guilt trips (well sometimes, but those are unavoidable), its not something that clings onto you with a million claws, its not something that leaves a scar that never heals, its not something that you frown upon. its something that makes you feel like youre floating in the sky, something that makes you think twice about yourself. could this really be me?

im in love with John Mayer. ouch. his songs are beautiful, to say the least. today i got his album - Room For Squares - and ive ordered Continuum from ebay. theres nothing like buying an original copy of some CD that you love. sure its expencive but that just means you take more care of it coz youve paid so much for it in the first place. doesnt it? im gonna buy all of them from ebay now..what else hmm ive entered a poetry contest. waiting to hear from them any time now. trips to town centre are always fun. he loves power rangers, though sometimes he says hes scared of them. dunno why he says that, but he does. hes so very cute. helllloooooo? wots you name? ayeee, hes makebelieving and dreaming. maybe.. maybe not...maybe he thinks he is, but hes not. maybe he doesnt realise it but he is...come on. smile for me.

'im never speaking up again, it only hurts me. id rather be a mystery than [you] desert me. oh im never speaking up again. starting now' - JohnMayer

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