13 May 2007

you are the perfect color of paint that my canvas used to lack. you make me smile as i cry. you make me cry as i smile. i wouldnt do a thing to hurt you, or to hurt us. you know that. liar liar selfish liar. no im not. you think i am but im not. to say i love you would mean nothing - thats too little a sentence. loving much more than love allows you to. i think i do, and i do. you think you dont but you do. you think you do but you dont haha thats just crazy. this is my blog and i will write whatever i want on it. cut open my heart or crunch up my soul or think and gawk over things that have happened. head fuckers. things as we know them. another head makes another dream. hahahah. hes mean and drastic. ah, anyway...i think you know what i mean. maybe i think i do but you dont. maybe you think you do and you do. maybe you think you dont but you do. ah, anyway...

zaza at 12:28 pm

1 angels shot me


at May 14, 2007 Blogger An ILLuS|On said...

I wish you would have carried on the tempo from which you started writing the post..still its very well written though words are strung in a very bittersweet manner..painful yet beautiful!


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