8 May 2007

You say not a word yet silences scream and I know exactly what you’re saying but I say nothing at all. I want you like no one wants you. Though I don’t say it, but if you look deep into my eyes you can see desire for yourself. Your eyes gazing intently into mine. I won’t go round justifying myself or explaining myself because you know it and I know it and we know it together. Don't we always know? We know the ultimate truth about love, about faith, about lives that we apparently lead and control. How did I find faith when I couldn’t seem to find life? You know what? Miracles do happen. You have to believe in them and keep believing in them and God-willing, you’ll get there just like we did.

'Oh gravity… is working against me
And gravity …wants to bring me down'


zaza at 11:25 pm

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