29 May 2007

Zainab is gaining weight so she can be the owner of a fat face.
Zainab has a pint of cold coffee almost every day.
Zainab is hazy and the closest thing to crazy.
Zainab is not listening to that song because she will pass out.
Zainab loves eating as much as she enjoys cooking.
Zainab lights Hazelnut butter cream candles every night before sleeping.
Zainab is currently looking for a pen pal.
Zainab can scare people at times, in every sense of the word.
Zainab is bored.
Zainab is this and Zainab is that.
Zainab is a firmly believing in destiny.
Zainab is amazing.
Zainab is something that other people can only dream of being.
Zainab is smiling because she’s misunderstood, in every sense of the word.
Zainab is staring at the bright future ahead, and it’s blinding her.
Zainab is back for good.

Ok I’m done, so what’s new with you?

zaza at 1:01 am

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