2 Jun 2007

It’s like your image in the mirror
But with your eyes glaring
There’s not a smile in sight
And you just stand there, staring.

It’s like your reflection in still water
With your image slowly fading
And all your thoughts dissolving
You’re looking up at the stars
Wondering if he can see them
Wondering if the brightest star
is really him.

It’s like you’re on a mission
With your sword of truth
And you’re losing the fight
Because these lies dominate
But you build your life upon fate anyway
Because someone has to put things right
And right there, where they belong.

It’s like your soul is he
And both your cores are on fire
But things are not yet solving
Life isn’t fair
But they do not care.

alright, hes mad and disillusioned.
when hearts erode, rebuild, erode.
another rainy evening.
youth overtaking us?

zaza at 3:52 pm

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