21 Jun 2007

life oh life

Dear life,

You are driving me nuts
Absolutely up the wall
And very much insane

The feeling is mutual
You don’t like me
(That’s an understatement)
You really hate me don’t you?
Well so do I
Our hatred works both ways

You control me
You can let me go
But not me
I can’t let you go just like that
I have my family to think about
And that friend of mine
Who knows who I am
(I’ve just got one)

The things you make me swallow
When I just want to puke them up
You dominate me and
Choke me with despair
Force yourself upon me
Day after wretched day
When all I want to do
Is rest my soul in peace

Zainab Bhatti

zaza at 5:24 pm

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