25 Jun 2007

Would you know how I feel? If you knew how I felt, would you care? If you cared, would you run into my arms that have been open for a long time now? If you ran into my open arms, would you say you’re sorry for taking so long? If you said you were sorry, would you let me cradle you in my arms? If I cradle you in my arms, would you give me that ring? If you gave me that ring, would it be okay for you to have my ring? If we exchanged rings, would it be ok for us to wear them on our thumbs?

Jo tujh mei hai woh hawaish hai meri
Jo mujh mei hai woh tu hee batta

Urdu poetry is lammmmmmmmmmmeeeeeee but I can still attempt writing it, though its pathetic…….

I feel a bit miserable right now, not too much though. I dunno. Weird stuff is happening. I refuse to communicate with anyone in person and they don’t seem to care. Even if they did, it wouldn’t matter. I’m being strong, I’m trying, and I really am. I just wonder how long it will be till we can claim forever and I'm still waiting…alright hand me another drink…

zaza at 12:23 am

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at June 25, 2007 Blogger An ILLuS|On said...

No it isn't pathetic..just keep on writing & eventually it'll be as good as your English poetry:)
Iss tarha kehnay se tou kuch nahi hoga neither your poetry would improve!!


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