21 Jul 2007

pages of my burning life = meri zindagi kay jaltay hooaay auraaq

zaza at 11:44 pm

4 angels shot me


at July 23, 2007 Blogger jaalijojo said...

umm... not to sound like a smarty pants... but pages of my burning life=meri jalti zindagi kay auraaq :/

at July 26, 2007 Blogger Viks said...

LOL @ Juzer!

at July 26, 2007 Blogger zazafeefus said...

lol! i didnt do the translation though! 'illusions' ki ghalti hai

at July 28, 2007 Blogger An ILLuS|On said...

My mistake guys though it wasn't intentional..
Indeed its "meri jalti hovi zindagi kay auraaq"


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