17 Jul 2007


this is completely and utterly butterly random. free stylin. you already think im insane. ha. its been raining a lot lately, actually a lot is not the word. its been raining pretty madly. we havent had a good summer. at all. cold rainy summer months, and more cold and frosty days to look forward to now that summer is nearly gone. i went and stood in the rain today, to grab some inspiration. the only thing is that too many ideas dawned upon me all at once, and i went a bit more insane than what you already think i am. but i stood there and let the rain fall, if only for a little while. wondering what happens to rain drops after they fall, where they go. stood there wondering about a few other things, then walked away. just like you did. ha. the irony. i realised that sometimes, no matter what you do, you have to put your hands up, surrender, be stronger than strong and walk away. try to mend broken things the best way you think is possible, and then have faith and leave everything to God. and when you leave everything to God, know this that whatever is going to happen will happen no doubt. so just submit. give up. give in but at the same time, remain optimistic; keep believing and dont let go. because "belief is a beautiful armor."

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at July 18, 2007 Blogger Amrita said...

Well Written!

at July 18, 2007 Anonymous Mavra said...


at July 18, 2007 Blogger (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

I am glad to hear something optimistic from you. Optimism is always good to have. It helps move on. Nicely done! :)

About me, Yes i do write professionally. I am a senior writer for a newspaper and this summer I am also working with a magazine. Adopting Journalism as a career is a possibility in my mind but lets see how it works out :)
Thanks for the appreciation. You guys make me want to write more :)

at July 20, 2007 Blogger Viks said...

Summer with rain, lots of rain - I mean, 'Madly' rain, is beautiful.

Sometimes it's good for oneself to surrender, give up, or lose - because it teaches us something we wouldn't have learned otherwise.

It's always good to know both sides of a coin, so when the time comes, you know which one to call

Thanks for dropping by!


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