6 Jul 2007

slow moving

Sometimes you feel so rushed off your feet. You don’t want to wait for the things you REALLY want [knowing that patience is a virtue, a virtue indeed.] You keep running along a meandering road that is leading you to him. There are thorns and prickly flowers along the way and sometimes you can’t help but step on them because there is no other way. And though it hurts, you don’t even mind stepping on them, knowing what is at the other end. Your run across sticks and stones but they don’t break your bones. Your feet begin to bleed but you won’t stop running. You don’t know what’s going through your mind anymore but you just want to get there. It saddens you at how difficult things are but you know that whatever is thrown at you, you can handle it with elegance. You know this will pay off, and that everything that has happened has happened for the best. [jo hota hai achay kay leeyay hota hai. Sai kehtay hain] And then…there he is. You fall down to your knees but feel as if you’ve just been brought back to life. The aches and pains and sorrows begin to fade away into the silence that surrounds you. We both Embrace [and follow Natures Law] We both let the tears flow swiftly.

And then you rest your head on his chest and it never felt better, listening to the sound of your own pounding heart.

zaza at 9:40 pm

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at July 08, 2007 Blogger Lunatic.... said...

very impressive n deep!!
n yara I want everything of lifehouse i just love this song
kahan se lun????

at July 08, 2007 Blogger zazafeefus said...

& i can mail u the song if u want?


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