5 Jul 2007

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"zainab, we'll go to every cafe in burnley and rate it out of 10"
thats my big sister talking. lol.
whos gonna pay? me, ofcourse! shes always skint.
so we went to some cafe called Massarellas.
the food was horrible [& i usually dont complain bout food]
we had fudge cake (tasted stale),
we had cauliflour n cheese (too salty),
chips (too cold),
and a pot of tea (aisha drank the whole pot.)
and we both gave it a mere 2/10
[and after that i dragged her to McDonalds where i had a fish filet]

im going treadmilling in a bit though.
not that it has an effect on me - but it makes me feel less guilty about all the eating that i do.
im thinking of leaving boothakitab [facebook] ..
amazingly, her mind awaits dreams..
ah .. anyways. frog. [dadooooooo]
bye fer now. x.

zaza at 8:34 pm

2 angels shot me


at July 06, 2007 Blogger Lunatic.... said...

lols tats how i feel guilty after i overeat since i hav lost my weight but before tat i was ia pig:P

at July 06, 2007 Blogger jaalijojo said...

you cant leave facebook... you havent seen my graffitis yet :p


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