31 Aug 2007

crazy post

I smile. Im super stoned on love. This love is eradicating me. I don’t care though. I will worship you if you want me to. This love is eating me up bit by bit. I wonder if I should laugh or cry or jump in a nearby river because this love will eventually consume me till I am no more. But I cannot let this go. I would rather die a virgin. I don’t mean to sound dramatic. I’m telling you how life really is. The reality of life and the truth about this love. You are evil and mean. And I thought I was.

zaza at 5:40 pm

3 angels shot me


at August 31, 2007 Blogger annie said...

Super stoned on love...i like that. It's so bloody tuf to get over & let go.Till when will this wrath continue....heaven knows.

at September 01, 2007 Blogger (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

True.. Sometimes life sucks and no one seems to bother :(

at September 01, 2007 Blogger Ashu said...

Hey mate, devastated and ruined in Love. thats how it is. bloody ridiculous and intoxicating. no words of relief suffice.

Keep faith in urself !!!



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