26 Aug 2007

I don’t like this tree of memories that lives inside my soul and grows everyday: branches entwined into each other, mystified, and many of them naked like you and I. Many of them haven’t seen green in a long time now. Some of them have stunted growth; where as some of them are continually growing as if there’s no one there to stop them, almost out of control and growing wilder by the day. Some branches are soft, dampened by pure water that falls down from coloured eyes and are broken easily, hurting you so much that the wound bleeds eternally. Some branches are stubborn, thick and deep rooted, and there is not an axe in the world that can chop them. They remind you of what happened and what went on before you saw the other side of life. They are constant reminders of earlier scars and they are forever intensifying.

I hate trees but I don’t hate nature.

zaza at 2:45 pm

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at August 26, 2007 Blogger `NEFTY said...


at August 26, 2007 Blogger wacko said...

i can even differentiate between coniferous and pine trees in my case :P
lovely post zainab!

at August 26, 2007 Blogger ...Vindicated... said...

wow tat was something different from u... i am not much of a tree person.. but u give me a whole new outlook to it ;)


at August 27, 2007 Blogger (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

wow.. that is a beautiful post. I love the imagery :)

at August 27, 2007 Blogger Amrita said...

hmm... novel outlook
i love trees but i hate the color green..
ironical eh?

at August 27, 2007 Blogger oomi said...

best of the best zainub

at August 27, 2007 Blogger akanksha said...

good one i must say....bt i cant understand why u dont like trees...:-(

at August 27, 2007 Blogger Irreversibly Screwed said...

i guess no one likes the bad memories but then the tree also has a lot of good ones that i want to cherish for the rest of my life... life isnt all black and white honey!!.. enough shades of gray to make a person go mad!!.. but nice post.. a new perspective to something as common as a tree..

at August 28, 2007 Blogger Shamur said...

hehe....haan ji pooch lia....
kehti buhat jaanu lagta hay :P

at August 28, 2007 Blogger zazafeefus said...

nefty: thankU :p

wacko: haha thnks, yeah same ere, lol! chestnut oak, tropical trees etc :D

vindicated: thanks meray doast. n you know what made me write it. dontcha. n update ur frikkin blog, its been forever

raaji: aw thankU. means a lot coming from U!

amrita: awh thats interestin! haha! like with the color green you think of envy, jealously? is that why?

oomi: thanks for dropping by n thanks for the comment, il link u up

akanksha: in literal terms, i like trees. i just dont like this tree of memories

is: life isnt all black and white? speak for urself :D lol. happy memories are outnumbered; almost non-existant. i think it depends on ur outlook on life and experiences etc. glad u liked the post

shamur: ahahah acha all the best


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