1 Aug 2007

Who on Earth am I kidding? Can I ever stop blogging for more than 2 or 3 days? No I cannot. Because if I stop blogging, I will end up sitting a corner of the room and my thoughts will be so unbearably intense and deep, dying to find some kind of exit from the mind in which I keep them. And then you will see smoke, and then see me bursting into flames, wondering what is wrong.

I know there are some extremely cheap and shameful songs out there. But the truth is that I actually like some of them because their lyrics are awesome and they have the tendency to pierce your heart. Some songs are brilliant but they have the capacity to crunch up your soul repeatedly. Like this one on my blog. I’ve had my blog player since quite a long time now, but I haven’t had the strength to listen to it since a long time now. It’s peculiar. But every time before opening my blog, I either mute the speakers or I pause it. It can almost be called a ritual but I don't want to torture myself, thankyouverymuch.

I’m finding it weird how someone you thought was so confident and emotionally strong ends up in shambles. I am beginning to realize things about myself; experiential learning, they call it. Why is everything given a formal name? I don’t mean this in a bad way, but at times, ignorance can lead to a special kind of bliss.

While randomly youtubing, I came across Junaid Jamshed’s video called Qasam Uss Waqt Ki. I almost passed out with nostalgia. I remembered how Dadi Ji used to sit on her Deevan, Baba Mama on that dark purple leather sofa, 3 little kiddies sitting somewhere too. And every time this song used to come on, mama used to say: ‘dekho! Dada jii!’ And the 2 scenes in which he appears are barely 2 seconds long, but everyone used to beam at each other. And before I continue rambling on, I’m going to shut up.

People have come, and people have gone.
Life has changed and life is forever changing.

zaza at 11:03 am

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at August 01, 2007 Blogger (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

So, you don't want to torture yourself with the song you have on your blog but you will happily torture others, huh? :)

Well its not a bad song..hehe

at August 02, 2007 Blogger Lunatic.... said...

why dont you wana listen to it??
any crushing memory related to it...I hav done it with many songs...

and yes life changes
everything changes...

at August 04, 2007 Blogger zazafeefus said...

hehe raaji, u cud pause it toooo! yea its not a bad song, its a killer ;)

lunatic, yea kindof. i kno we can relate to many songs, but again, this ones a fking killer


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