4 Aug 2007

'your words cut me. do they have a similar effect on others too? you see, that's the thing that you dont realise. you cannot fight a battle from so many miles away. so just shut up and go to sleep. the bombs wont reach you to begin with.'

im a dreamer. visionary. i believe. i see things they do not see. but they do not know. they dont know the difference between their own face and their b*tt. lol. its highly funny - i wish you could see things the way i am seeing them. theyre too caught up in little circles of lies that keep them happy, and gossip that seems to be the main purpose of their lives. ive got what i want. ive learnt, and ive seen enough to judge. go walk away now and see if i fucking care. aint no one gonna fk with my sh*t as long as destiny doesnt betray me, which i know it wont coz my Lord aint cruel.

enough said, atleast for today. i wish i could type as fast as my thoughts. gnight.

zaza at 12:14 am

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at August 04, 2007 Blogger (¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

I love the first sentence
'your words cut me. do they have a similar effect on others too?'

I can so relate to this.


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